As a musician you learn that the instrument you play becomes a part of you. Each new piece or upgrade etches a mark on your soul, changes the sound you produce, and if you love to play the way we do feels like a new high every you its in your hand. Learning how to play comes as second nature to the best of us musicians…from the first guitar I held I KNEW making music was just something that I had to do and  the same goes for the other guys here!  


Like some of you reading this playing clubs and dive bars as a kid I never thought about maintenance or adjustments…shit all I knew was that I loved to play I had no clue that with a  few professional tweaks it would have been a whole lot easier…It wasn’t until I had already matured as a guitar player that I started to notice the super common buzzing of unlevel frets and the extra strain an improper set up was putting on my hands and my ability to play in general. 


I was giving the opportunity to apprentice under one the best guitar techs in Houston (at the time)…This is when I started to understand that a factory standard built guitar was just that… and with each new style/brand of guitar I worked on I realized that the folks assembling these guitars were simply paid to do just that…pack em up and ship em out! I also began to figure out that most musicians assume that a brand new guitar should play better and feel better, but the bottom line is… they usually don’t…they are just built and not set up to yours, mine or anyone else’s playing preferences. This is the reason that an off the rack stringed instrument may be problematic or in other words not feel “right” when you play it. 


I myself have played and owned guitars ranging from my first K-mart blue light special to my precious high end vintage beauties. No matter the brand or the cost, each one has needed some type of work and each has their own set of issues. With that being said it doesn’t matter what you play, what matters is the love you put into it.


The most common issues we see everyday are unlevel frets and under/over bowed necks… several things can cause these issues but the more often than not they are caused by humidity and improper storage. (Invest in a good hard shell case and get your guitars off the wall!) These conditions can cause even the most seasoned guitar player to not be able to play to their highest potential. 

Keep in mind that talent and drive are not the only ways to master your craft. Us musicians love our instruments but tend to forget the importance of a proper set up, and maintaining the condition of your instrument. This brings me to the importance of being particular when choosing your guitar tech. You wouldn’t take your brand new sports car to a shade tree mechanic, would you?

 Here at heights guitar tech we offer professional, top of the line service with the fastest turn around in Houston. 

Stop by for a free consultation and walk out with your stringed instrument playing better than ever. Our techs have over 50 years of experience combined and will not let you leave unhappy!




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